Having managed professional golfers since 1977, we have experienced virtually everything in the sport that any player will face. Most importantly, with such a strong mix of staff, we are continuously evolving with the sport. We have built relationships across the globe with equipment manufacturers, tournament promoters and corporate giants, many of which are as strong today as they have ever been.


On the player management side, our style lends itself to bringing the best out in our players, which when they sign with Hambric Sports, become part of a family that stands by them through thick and thin, and gives them every opportunity to flourish and succeed. As we strive to create outstanding marketing and appearance income opportunities, we always remind ourselves that our clients are professional athletes and not endorsement machines. Therefore, we never overload their calendar with corporate commitments which can interfere with competition, practice, and rest.



The services which Hambric Sports offers its clients are extremely varied. Rocky Hambric was one of the first sports agents to identify the need for a full provision of services under one roof for the benefit of the client. Our focus is on everything, no matter how large or small.


So whether it is taking care of the small things such as tournament entries, fan mail or travel matters, or the larger issues such as endorsement contracts, our clients know that it will be done professionally. Furthermore, we have a team dedicated to providing adequate PR and marketing solutions, as well as ensuring that client finances, including accounting, investments and taxation are all dealt with by professionals.


There is so much that goes on in the life of a professional athlete that it’s imperative that every facet of their career is managed by experienced professionals.



One of Hambric Sports’ key strengths is the fact that it is quite surprisingly one of only a handful of agencies to have offices and networks in both Europe and the United States. Coupled with this, our network of contacts spreads through Asia, Africa and The Middle East, giving us the ability to provide effective services for our clients, wherever in the world they choose to live and play.