Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Italian sport and health supplement company, Gofor360, have kicked off their year by today announcing their partnership with the 2019 Challenge Tour Number One and third ranked Italian golfer, Francesco Laporta.

The high quality food supplements that Gofor360 offer, have been developed by those who know, doctors and athletic trainers. Their two complete lines of high quality food supplements are the Challenge 360 and Healthy360 ranges.

Challenge360 focuses on getting the most out of your performance for sport, whilst, Healthy360 is based more around the general health and the balance of your lifestyle.

Gofor360’s online platform will become an athletes reference point when choosing products, so that they can ensure they are taking the correct supplements to suit their needs.

“Leading a healthy lifestyle and making sure that my body is correctly fuelled for tournaments is something that I have always focused on and I look forward to now using the expertise of the Gofor360 team to get the most out of their supplements”, said Laporta. “I am excited about this partnership and look forward to learning a lot about the nutrients that I am putting into my body”.

“We are very happy to be able to work with a professional like Francesco. Together with him and Lorenzo Scalise we will be able to continue to grow our company and affirm our presence in this fantastic sport” said Federico Motta, CEO of Gofor360.

Francesco will be competing on the European Tour for the 2021 season and looks to continue his rise up the Official World Golf Rankings.

About GoFor360

Founded in Italy in 2019, Gofor360 have more than 30 years of experience in the research and formulation of sport, health and well-being supplements. Their goal is to help individuals reach and maintain their best shape possible.

All of Gofor360’s suppliers are Italian and are chosen according to scientific criteria and quality excellence. They are also committed to using material that has minimal environmental impact, so most of their packaging is recyclable.

Find out more about Gofor360 here: https://www.gofor360.it/